Friday, January 22, 2010

What's in a name

Recently, my husband asked me why I decided to name my blog "Always Running Behind". Now, the logical answer would be because I am always running behind and late for things, but that isn't true. I am one of those people who can't be late for anything. Seriously, if I think I'm going to be late, I start twitching and shaking and I can't deal with it. As my friend says, I am annoyingly prompt.

However, if you have ever seen me out running, you know why I named the blog as such. As I mentioned earlier, running isn't something that comes easily to me. When I run, I don't run for speed. I run because it's hard. I finally decided I was tired of saying "I can't run" or "I'm not a runner". I decided to get out there and do it. But, I'm not fast and when it comes to running in a group, I am ALWAYS RUNNING BEHIND. Now, I may not be fast, but I am steady. It may take me longer than some (but not all), but I will get there. When I enter a race, I have two simple goals: run the whole thing, and not finish last. So far, I have been able to accomplish both of these goal in all 3 races I've been in.

One other reason I chose the name I did- because it seems when it comes to things like blogging, Twitter, etc., I'm one of the last people I know to get involved in it. Again- I'm always running behind! :)

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