Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wow that sucked!

OK- I finished the Revolutionary Road 5 mile run this morning. And man, did it suck! I had never seen the course before, but knew it contained many hills. I thought the hills would be throughout the course, and big- I was wrong.

The first 2 1/2 miles had two KILLER hills. And I mean KILLER. I tried to go to my happy place, but it didn't happen. I was making my way up the hill, and tried to think about the Castle and running in the Magic Kingdom, but all I could think was "There are no hills like this in WDW".

But, I finished, and my time was too bad, either.

And another plus- I didn't get Meganed. What's that? I have a friend who I run with- ok rephase... I have a friend who I go to races with. She runs much faster than I do, and has, on occasion, been known to finish a race and then run back to where I am and 'encourage' me as I go. (I have an evil goal of doing this to some of the lushcrew in October at the Food and Wine 5K.)

So- this race is done. Now, the next big race is the Broad Street Run in two weeks (May 2). That one is a 10-miler, but it's mostly flat (YEAH!)...


  1. DO NOT run back to us walkers in October!!! Smarty pants! LOL...You're gonna do it, aren't you?!

  2. Ah, so now we all know your evil plan for us in October BUT now we know it's coming so we'll be prepared! Great job on the race on Sunday!