Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to the 90's

EEK! Last night my cell phone died! I thought it was something that could be easily fixed, so I took it down to Verizon. I thought, as a worst case scenario, they would have to wipe my phone and I would be starting over with my contacts.

Well, that's not what happened. My poor little Droid Incredible was so dead there was no fixing it. And, like that wasn't bad enough, there are no Droid Incredibles in the area to replace my phone. So I have to wait for Verizon to send me a new phone. According to Verizon, my new phone should be here by tomorrow. But for today, I am without a phone.

I hate being without a phone- it's a safety net when I leave the house, and I keep things in my phone that I don't keep elsewhere. I don't know my friend's phone numbers- I just have to touch my screen and my phone dials them. I can't just call them when I am out running errands. And this morning, I was out and my husband needed to get in touch with me. He had to call the house and leave a message- just like in the 90's!

Our technology is great, but man, does it stink when we are without it!!!

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