Friday, December 17, 2010

Goodbye to a Friendship

I guess it's really over. After you unfriended me on Facebook and gave me a sneer the other day when we saw each other, I guess our friendship is really over.

So how did we get to this point? I know it was a little rocky over the past year, but I hadn't realized the depth of your utter dislike for me. What went wrong?

When you sat in my living room this spring and told me that you valued our friendship, I believed you. When you said you were happy for me finding new interests (social media). But was that true? Or is that you just can't adjust to the fact that my family isn't as dependent on your as we once were?

My little family of 3 is becoming content with who we are and learning to do things on our own. But I can never express to you what you and your family meant to us those first few years we moved here. And I had never really had a friend to go shopping with, to go to lunch with, and just to sit and have talk to. And our husbands enjoyed each others company too. And our kids played so nicely together.

But no more.

Is it because I have new friends? Yes, most of my new friends are "Disney people". But that doesn't mean they aren't snarky and snide. They like to yell inappropriate things in restaurants, make fun of each, and *gasp* they don't think Disney is perfect. You would have liked them. And my being friends with them doesn't mean I couldn't be your friend too.

And you know what else hurts- and yes, this all hurts... That you have taken other friends with you. We used to be a happy group, but now, I never hear from the others. I guess when one person has such close contact to them and one doesn't, it's bound to happen. I'm sure there have been things said about me that are less than flattering. It's apparent that you're mad.

I still held out hope for our friendship. After your vacation, I asked you how it was. When we got home from our trip and got no such note, it hurt. When I got no "Happy Birthday" from you, it hurt again. You knew my grandmother was having open heart surgery- but you never asked once how it went. But then I discovered you had unfriended me on Facebook... I guess that was when I knew it was really over.

So, what I ever I did to make you so mad at me, I'm sorry. And I also just want to thank you for being a friend to me and my family for several years- I have many good memories of that time together. But, I guess it's over.

And so this is goodbye...


  1. The only part I disagree with is you apologizing. You did nothing wrong. Some people are just jerky. ::Hugs:: Stay awesome!

  2. About 4 years ago James and I lost all of our friends because One friend started a rumor amongst all of them and they all believed her and without asking us anything about the situation, cut us out completely. These were people whose weddings I was in, they were at mine, birthdays, Christmas parties. The whole 9. People that I saw being god parents to my kids some day! and then BOOM! Gone in a flash. I missed them like mad at first but now I look back and if it hadn't been for them leaving us alone, I would have never ventured on to twitter and found my #peas #STQs and #Morons #LushCrew! All of who I LOVE with every ounce of my body! I am so thankful that the situation lead me to people like You Mike and Matty because I don't know how I lived without y'all before this! If they leave then they never were true friends to begin with!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox