Thursday, September 12, 2013

A letter to NASCAR from the fans


I'm going to make this real simple... GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER!!!!

I'm not talking about the governing body of Nascar- I'm talking to the drivers, crew chiefs, spotters, team GMs, and owners. You are the ones that have given the sport a major black eye in the last week, and the fans aren't happy.

NASCAR fans are some of the most passionate sports fans anywhere. We stand behind our drivers when they run well, and when they don't. Yes, we want our driver to make the Chase, but we want them to do it because they drove the wheels off the car week after week and deserve to be in it. We love the passion the drivers themselves often have for the sport. We want to see racing and drivers going all out.  We want to see the helmet throws, drivers giving each other the bird, words on pit road after a race, bumping, banging, rubbing... That's what racing is. Racing is NOT back-room deals, slowing down on the track on purpose, intentional spins and cautions, fake pit stops... That crap is cheating and it has no place in the sport we love.

Y'all may think the fans are nothing but loud rednecks who drink and cuss too much... And yes, that may be who many of us are. But you have overlooked one thing- we aren't stupid. We have longer memories than many of the drivers. You piss us off once, we stay pissed off for a long time. We will put up with a lot of stuff, but messing with the integrity of our sport crosses that line. You talk about how important the fans are to NASCAR, but then you go and pull stunts like you pulled at Richmond and you basically are telling us that you don't give a damn about us. Be careful, because if you push us too far, you will push us away.

So right now, you are on thin ice. Us fans are waiting to see what happens. We want to see some amazing racing this weekend at Chicago. We want those drivers to go out and drive like they are pissed off- and many of them are right now. The last thing we want to hear about is more fishy team communications and team orders, or anything that hurts our sport. Because yes, this is OUR sport too- and you would do well to remember that...

NASCAR fans everywhere

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  1. Come on NASCAR Kyle Larson weighs 90lbs