Monday, July 28, 2014

Men don't need to learn that curves are sexy...

Ok everyone- I'm getting up on my soapbox for a little bit.

*steps on soapbox*

I overheard part of a conversation the other day at the gym between two women. One woman said to the other that society and women would be better off if we (which I'm assuming meant women in general) could convince men that curves on women are sexy.

Now I thought about this for a little bit, and I've decided I need to call BS on this statement.

Men don't need to learn that curves are sexy- they already know it! I bet if you ask a guy if he would rather look at a jeans that fall straight down with a flat or butt or jeans that are nicely filled out with some junk in the trunk, he would take the second option. Does he want to see shoulder blades sticking out and sharp edges, or toned, fit arms- again, guessing the second. Most men prefer curves to angles!

So women- the problem is with us (and yes, I include myself in this).

For whatever reason, women have this issue where they are constantly comparing themselves to, and competing against, other women. (Now this is a whole other issue that I could rant and rant on, but that's for a later post.) When we see another woman, whether it's in person, or a magazine, or whatever, we don't look at her and appreciate and her for herself. We look at her and compare ourselves to her. Is she skinnier than I am? Does she have a smaller butt? Are her boobs bigger than mine? Do I wear a smaller size clothes than she does?

We force this ideal of skinny beauty on each other- many woman don't work out to become more fit or to make their body the best they can be. They work out so they can get skinnier and fit in a smaller jean size and have a tiny ass. Take the whole "thigh gap" issue as an example. A woman will see another woman who has a thigh gap and think "Man, she is so skinny… look at her legs and thighs and butt… I wish I could look like that." A man will look at woman with a thigh gap and never even notice the gap. In fact, I'm willing to bet most men find the whole thigh gap thing unattractive.

Yet, we then complain that men need to learn to love curves. Nope- WE need to learn to love our own curves. So women- stop blaming men and complaining that they don't like curves. They aren't the problem… We are. We need to appreciate what we have- I mean, I personally have almost no boobs, some definite junk in the trunk, and legs that could be the textbook definition of 'cankles'. But, I know that I can ROCK a pair of jeans like nobody's business… I couldn't do that with a flat ass…

I'm not saying that we as women can't strive to be better and improve ourselves- but we need to stop looking at each and judging ourselves and perpetuating this false idea that men have issues with curves.
Men love curves- and we need to learn to love them on ourselves too!

*steps off soapbox*