Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two new things...

Today I did two things I have never before done. The first was run (and complete) a 10 mile race. I ran in the Broad Street Run, a 10 mi race in Philly that goes from North Philly all the way to the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

Today was the hottest (and most humid) day in Philly so far this year. Actually, we have set a record (or were about to) for the hottest May 2 in history. That made the race MISERABLE! It was hot, horribly hot. But, this leads to the second thing I have never done before- I ran through open city fire hydrants. Because of the heat and humidity, the city had opened the fire hydrants along the race course for us to run through... That was fun!

My goal was to run the whole race and average under 10 minutes/mi. Well, I didn't make that. I ended up having to really scale back my pace to deal with the heat. I have run several races before this (up to 5 miles) and have never needed to take the water at the water stations. I took the water (and Gatorade at a few) at every station. I also purposely scaled back my pace for the last part of the race. My legs were TOAST! Miles 1-3 went pretty well, but I hit a wall about mile 4. I struggled, I mean really struggled miles 4-7. Once I hit mile 7, it was better. Not great, but better.

Overall, my time was 1:48:38. My pace came in at just under 11 min/mi. Out of the 30,00+ people that entered the race, 25,594 finished. I came in at 17,293 (and 8,345 out of 14,149 females). I am quite happy with how I did. I like to think that my time would have been better in nicer weather, but-- I did the 10 miles and finished.

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