Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disney- not a vacation destination

No, I didn't mis-type something in the title of this post. To me, Disney is not a vacation destination. It is so much more than that.

Yes, I go to Disney on vacation, but it recently occurred to me WHY I always want to go to Disney. It's not because I enjoy the rides and the attractions- although I do enjoy them! It because Disney has such wonderful memories of friends and family.

I love my #peas!!!!

It bring me a sense of happiness and peace. And I will admit, there is a bit of escapism there. Being in the Disney bubble makes all the other problems and stresses of life seem so far away.
Problems? What problems?

Simply put, Disney is the happy place for my soul.

I don't go to Disney for a vacation- I go for a total recharge. To spend time in my happy place and gather more memories to get me through until the next time I can visit.

I know some of you reading this don't understand this. You think that Disney World is simply a place to go every couple of years for vacation. That's OK with me- it keeps the crowds down for all the other times I want to go :)


  1. I could not agree more! No matter what- you, Mike, and M have been a big part of those memories for me. Take care

  2. I TOTALLY understand.. I'm not quite in the loop, but I get the escapism.. I still want to travel the real world, not just the showcase, but I love going back and just leaving everything else behind while feeling like I'm at home!

  3. Great post Jennifer! Walt Disney World is "the happy place for my soul" as well. I could visit it multiple times a year and never get tired of it. Just stepping into the Parks takes me away from all the troubles and difficulties of daily life, and sweeps me away to a magical World of memories and fun. °O°

  4. Awesome post....but I was a bit concerned before reading the whole thing when I first saw the title! LOL

  5. yes...I agree too....those folks that only want to go every few years keeps the crowds down for my twice yearly visits! :)