Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wha?? I don't understand...

A few weeks ago, we booked a trip to WDW for August. However, there is a catch to this trip. We are going with my in-laws. Now, I'm not even going to start discussing this- they fall squarely in the category of people who "don't get Disney". It will be a very interesting trip.

Today, Mike and I were discussing this upcoming trip and he said something to me that I just don't understand. He said that we really have to do some planning for this trip. HUH? You mean more than just planning what park on what day- and more importantly, where we are going eat? I don't get it. This is a Disney trip. I pride myself on NOT over planning these trips. I mean, I know we only have 5 days to show them OUR Disney, but plan????

As I stared at Mike with a look of utter confusion, he said something else that I still don't understand. He said that he didn't think he was going to have his parents get Park Hopper tickets. HUH?!? You mean I am limited to only one park a day? If we are done at Animal Kingdom, we don't get to go to another park for the rest of the day? I... I... I don't understand. How do I do that? What about Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom... That only happens if we are AT the Magic Kingdom that day? How am I suppose to do this?

I just don't get it... Planning? No hopping??? I need a beer...


  1. No hopping? I couldn't do it! We love being able to go back and forth to different parks and not have to pick one for a whole day just because we have a dinner reservation there.

    Planning I can't comment on - I love planning almost as much as I love the Disney trip!

  2. No park hopping? What is up with that? I probably would have had the same look on my face! {giggle}

  3. Allison- when he was telling me this, I really felt like "I hear the words but they aren't making sense to me". Just staring at him... Oh well- a new experience!

  4. Upgrade your ticket, send your inlaws home, and head out for evening EMH!

  5. I would get them anyway just in case it gets too crowded at one park. Otherwise y'all will be stuck there!!