Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a weekend!

Wow- this last week has been something for the record books- literally! We had the second-largest snowfall EVER in the Philly area on Friday and Saturday night. We topped out at the house at just over 20". Let me tell you- shoveling 20" of snow off the driveway, walkway and cars is a workout in itself! Not to mention the walking up and down sledding hills in that much snow. Matthew loved the snow- me, I was pretty anxious about it for a while.

Normally, I love snow as much as anybody else, and flight cancellations and delays don't cause me much panic. However, the Disney Social Media Moms conference is scheduled to start on Wednesday, and my mom is scheduled to fly into Philly on Monday to watch Matthew for the week. So- I was carefully watching the weather and the flights and panicking. Luckily, after the snow (finally) stopped, the sun came out and flights started moving in and out of Philly. Ok- it looks like that crisis has been averted.

So, at this point, it sounds like all is good- right? HAH! Looking at the extended weather forecast, it showed ANOTHER snowstorm coming into the area on Wednesday (the day I'm suppose to fly out). There is nothing that will keep me from this conference, so I started looking at options. Luckily, USAirways was fabulous! I called them and told them where I was flying out of and when, and they switched my flights so I can fly out on Tuesday- with no hassle and no charge! All it took then was a quick hop on Expedia to book a night at Disney's Pop Century Resort and I am good to go.

So- in two days time, I will be arriving in Orlando for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I am so excited about this, and can't wait to start sharing what I have learned!

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