Monday, March 22, 2010

I gotta slow down!

I have struggled mightily during my last two runs. My legs are tired, sore, and don't want to go. I've discovered why- I'm running way too fast!

My run on Friday was just over 5 miles, and my run today was my typical 3.4 miles. They aren't new routes- they are the same routes I frequently run. So why I am going so fast?

My natural pace is right about a 10 minute mile. My pace for my 5 mile run on Friday was 9:30/mile and today it was 9:23/mile. What the heck? Where did this speed (for me) come from? I don't feel like I am going any faster- in fact, I've tried not to go fast and just have a nice leisurely run. I don't look at my watch (or iPod) while I run, so I don't monitor my pace as I go. I just go.

All I know is there is no way I can run 5 miles of hills at Valley Forge at this pace. Nor can I keep this pace up for 10 miles at Broad Street, even if it is flat! I guess we'll see what the next couple of runs brings...

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