Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not another book report

I love to read. I would be completely happy in life if I could sit on the couch and read a book all day. My favorite types of books are fiction, specifically mystery and thrillers. Some of my favorite authors include John Sandford, Lee Childs, and James Patterson.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a book that is completely different from most of the books that I read. It took me a week or so to really start reading and getting into the book, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. The book is the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrow.

Without getting into details or writing a book report, let me just say I loved this book. I picked up on a recommendation from a friend and wasn't really sure I would enjoy it. After the first few pages, I was hooked. The entire book is written as letters between the characters. As the characters in the book get to know each other and become part of each others lives through the letters, it struck me how this mirrors life today. The characters in the book used letters the same way social media impacts our lives today. Even though they had never met, the characters formed a bond of friendship through their letters, much as we do through Facebook and Twitter. For some reason, that really struck a chord with me.

If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend this book. It doesn't take a long time to read and is very enjoyable. I hope you check it out and enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. I bought this last night @ Target - after reading this post! I'm only 23 pages into it but I LOVE THIS BOOK! It's so witty and real and I love the "letter" concept. I can't wait to read more!

    thank you for recommending this book! :)