Saturday, March 27, 2010

We're going to Disneyland

I am a Disney fanatic- I don't think this is news to anyone reading this. I have been to Walt Disney World numerous times (5 trips in 22 months and 8 trips in 10 years). I know where to eat, where the rides are, walkways, paths- I can do it without a map... I recently booked a week at WDW and my dining reservations for that trip in 20 minutes. It's almost second nature, it seems...

This June, my family is going to Disneyland for four days. We have family on the West Coast and are making a trip out to see them. We then figured that this was the perfect time to take Matthew to Disneyland and experience the difference. Of course, I was placed in charge of planning our time at Disneyland. There's only one problem...


I don't mean the rides or anything like that. I have visited Disneyland a few times in the past, and as recently as 2007. I am familiar with the basic layout and rides. It's the dining situation that intimidates me to the point of inaction. For my family, part of a Disney trip is experiencing the different restaurants and counter-service options available. I know NONE of this for Disneyland. The only thing I do know is that Matthew wants to eat at the Blue Bayou- the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. Other than that, I have no idea what to do... I have to Unofficial Guide to Disneyland and have read it, but it isn't sinking in! It's like it just goes in one ear and out the other!

Should we do a character meal; do I really need ADRs; are there restaurants to avoid; any places we really SHOULD eat??? I just don't know!!!

Luckily, the window for making ADRs at Disneyland is 60 days. That means I have about another month to panic and avoid the situation! I know I will get it all pulled together and planned out, but it just feels so weird NOT having it planned out months before I have to!
Stay tuned to find out what I decide...

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