Saturday, July 2, 2011

Packing Procrastination

Wow- it hit me this morning that we leave for our 11 day Disney World and Disney Dream vacation in 12 days. Now, don't get me wrong, I have been counting down the days for weeks (ok, months). But it hit me this morning that 12 days is really not very long.

For normal WDW vacations, it isn't unusual for me to have piles of clothes and other things on the guest room bed weeks ahead. Part of this is because I don't bother unpacking some things out of suitcases- for example, our ponchos live in the suitcases. My Disney backpack hangs out on the guest room bed and I am constantly putting things in there. There have been trips I have had everything ready to pack, or actually packed, two weeks before the trip.

But this isn't a normal vacation. It's 5 days at WDW and then 5 days on the Dream. OK- the packing for WDW part is easy. I can do that in my sleep. And I know that I will have to break one of my cardinal rules of vacation and actually do laundry on this vacation (made easier since we are staying in the Tree House Villas). But it's the packing for the Dream that is giving me fits.

Of course, I am now thinking that I have nothing to wear. And if you have seen my closet (or closets) you know that is not even close to being true. I am panicking about what to wear to the dinners... How many awesome pairs of shoes can I take... Do I have a dress that is dressy enough for our dinner at Remy... I hate my bathing suits- should I get a new one? All sorts of very difficult questions. And yes, I know, whatever I take or wear will be fine- but do you not get that is not the point? It has to be just perfect!

So what do I? Nothing. I delay and procrastinate packing. I refuse think about it. And the more I do this, the closer it gets to the time we leave. And the closer it gets to the time we leave, the more I panic about it all. The more I panic, the more I don't want to think about it. And so the packing procrastination cycle continues.

This is all normal, right?????

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