Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's talk bras...

I was perusing the web this morning, when I came across an article about how Jockey (yes, the underwear/bra people) were attempting to redefine how bras are sized. As I continued to read, it should surprise no one that I formed some opinions on this topic.

First, anyone who knows me, is aware that I'm not shy when talking about my lack assets. Let's be honest, when the boob fairy was sprinkling her growth dust around, she forgot about me. And I'm ok with that- I like being the size I am... But that's whole different topic!

Back to the bras... I agree that finding and sizing bras are a nightmare. I recently took a trip to Victoria's Secret and decided to do it right. I let them measure me and tell me what size they thought I should be. Well guess what, even the trained staff there got it wrong. Oh sure, I tried on the size they said I said be... But it was wrong. The band was too tight and the cups were too big. So we tried several more bras until we found one that fit. In my size, the options are limited, but I did manage to find several very nice, pretty bras that I'm very happy with.

Now, I know I can't speak for the more well-endowed gals out there, but I think they would say the same thing. It takes some time and patience, but you can eventually find a bra (or two or three) that works well for you.

So this whole Jockey thing raises several questions for me. First, how do I know that the way the plastic cups fit at home are going to be the way the bra fits me? And how do I know that the band will fit right? And yes, $60 for a bra is a lot of money, but honestly, some of nicer bras at VS run in the upper $50 range, so that's not outrageous. But do I want to spend $60 on a boring beige, black, or white bra that I can only order online and have to fit myself and so on? And your bra size isn't just a size- it's more like a combination to a safe... 9-36 or 10-40, or 2-34. It just seems like a lot of work and hassle for something that doesn't have a lot of upside.

Yes, the bra sizing system isn't perfect, but when you are dealing with a world full of women and none of them built the same way, what do you expect? Several manufacturers have made smaller cups with sizing like "Nearly A" "Nearly B", and so on. And I'm sure that there are other options out there for women who need larger cups. So all in all, to me, it seems like Jockey is trying to fix something that really can't be fixed and making it overly complicated. I think I'll stick with my canonical brassiere size and trying bras on until I find one that works for me...

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