Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm not a perfect parent

Time to talk about parenting for a minute. I've noticed the last few months an increase in what I call "perfect parenting." You know what I mean... Those parents whose children are always doing something cute and wonderful, never do anything wrong, and those parents that are just the best in the world and never make any mistakes with their kids. I actually saw someone post on social media "I'm thankful I've never made any mistakes with my child." All this got me thinking (which we all know is very dangerous).

I adore my son. He is the center of my world. He is bright, funny, sarcastic (shocking, I know), and has a heart of gold. He has taken up my hobby of cussing like a sailor. His current favorite phrase is "Who pissed in his Cheerios?" He is a typical 9 year old. But there are times I am willing to sell him to highest bidder... Ok- let's be honest- I'd sell him for a case of beer.
One of his angelic moments

I am so not a perfect parent. I readily admit I have made many, MANY mistakes with my son. I have even apologized to him several times for for things I have done. I often joke that he doesn't have a college fund, he has a future therapy fund. When I post something on social media about my son or my parenting, I think it's safe to say no one could ever accuse me of trying to present my parenting skills in a perfect light.

I parent the same way as I appear on social media. I cuss in front of my son; I am sarcastic; I enjoy life. I also treat him with respect and teach him to do so to others.

I get that parenting is hard- I mean it's REALLY dang hard. I fully believe that we as parents need to be there and support each other. Let each other know that it's ok to have a really rough day where you want to just go in a corner, curl up in the fetal position, and rock. Enough of this pressure we put on each other to be perfect- its crap and we know it. And if you don't want to be my friend because I'm not a perfect parent, it's probably for the best- we really wouldn't get along anyway...


  1. Jen for my 2 cents I think you are a terrific impart wisdom, knowledge, fun and mistakes into make mistakes cause well you are a parent an there is no cool book on the market (or e-course haha) that tells you and the rest of us novices out there how to do it You just go long day-by-day hoping you don't kill the kid or yourself. Enjoy him, the moment will be gone before you know it and you will be enjoying (and cussing in front of) your grandchildren, love ya, Bev T

  2. Anyone who claims to be a "perfect" parent is delusional. I think we all fail a little bit on a daily basis as parents, but that's OK because no one is perfect and we're allowed to make mistakes. I always laugh at the "my kids are so amazing all the time" FB posts because no one has perfect kids all the time. There will always be meltdown, tears, yelling, slamming doors .. and that's just the parents. :)